mattify with Boscia


With the weather warming up and the humidity rising, this means it’s time to switch up your daily skincare routine. As I’ve mentioned here and here, I have obnoxiously  oily skin and I’m always looking for ways to find balance. I’ve recently discovered this Green Tea Mattifying Hydrogel Mask from Boscia – it’s amazing! The Japanese green tea helps to reduce sebum production, acne-causing bacteria, and diminishes breakouts. It minimizes shine and excess oil with amino acids that contain antibacterial compounds. And it’s free of parabens, preservatives, sulfates and artificial aroma – another important factors when selecting any type of skincare. I’ve been using a mask 1-2 times a week and my face is feeling smoother, less irritated, less reactive, and less oily. Just in time for summer!

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mattify your skin for summer


Lotion Pureté, Chanel // Blotting Linens, Boscia // Double Perfection Lumière, Chanel // Clear Improvements – Charcoal Mask, Origins 

Here are a few products to assist with oil control and the unwanted glow that comes with a muggy Summer. I have very oily skin to begin with, and when the humidity rises so does the unwanted shine on my face. Seriously, there are days that I look like I just finished running a marathon, but I really just walked outside of my house. Ugh!  I’m currently in search of a lightweight moisturizer for Summer. Any suggestions?


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