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I love to travel so I wanted to share a few tips for packing a perfect carry-on. I almost never check a bag. Everything I need for a long weekend can fit into one small suitcase and large purse. I always get cold on planes so I wear a sweater or jacket – something I can layer or easily pair with other looks during my trip. I always bring a snack since the choices at airports are so expensive and limited. I typically bring my cosmetic bag and all of my toiletries packed into ONE quart-sized plastic bag – should anything open or spill it won’t ruin my clothes and shoes. I upload books, movies, and refresh my music on my iPad mini. Next time you’re traveling for a long weekend, try packing light and leaving most of your wardrobe at home! Have a great weekend!

Clockwise from top left: 

cosmetic bag: AVEDA
bag: Longchamp 
lip balm: AVEDA Lip Saver 
lipstick: Marc Jacobs 
face towelettes: YES to Blueberries 
gum: Orbit
wallet: SEE by Chloe (similar here)
pouch wallet: Acne 
iPhone case: Marc by Marc Jacobs
pumpkin cereal bar: Trader Joe’s 
iPad mini

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